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The Knowledge Hub synthesizes the impacts of ocean wastewater pollution, provides a primer for those new to the sanitation sector, explores opportunities in the solution space, includes an ever-growing library of multimedia resources, and serves as a gathering spot for folks to connect and collaborate on this issue.

Wastewater pollution has been a largely invisible problem. It becomes visible when people fall ill, fisheries fail, beaches close, toxic algal blooms wreak havoc, and much more. The negative repercussions of wastewater pollution are in front of us – we just need to recognize them. But, documentation of wastewater pollution can be difficult to find due to historical neglect of this issue, so Ocean Sewage Alliance partners began to identify and organize key pieces of information to help others build the case, point to the evidence, and connect to experts.

A Note About Terminology
We speak about human waste differently, depending on our cultures, nationalities, and even fields of work, so it is important to know these distinctions when engaged in cross-sector collaboration. Colloquially, the general use of the term sewage means any human excrement and household grey and/or black water, regardless of where or how it has been stored and transported. Technically, the term sewage refers to human excrement that has been conveyed through a conduit using water – typically where plumbing and centralized sewer systems are in place. Instead, sanitation practitioners use the term wastewater to refer to discharged human waste, regardless of origin. When we talk about wastewater effluent, we must also remember it also includes household wastes like phosphates and a host of chemicals of emerging concern, as well as urban run-off and associated pollutants. Additionally, human waste includes endocrine disruptors, pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, petrochemicals, pathogens, and more. All of these contaminants pose a threat to ocean and human health and are part of wastewater pollution.
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We made a cheat sheet.

For those who want it quick and easy, we've compiled the basics into a one-pager fit for anyone who wants a fast introduction to wastewater pollution. Feel free to share it!

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