Depending on the geography, there are a range of industry partners that either have an interest in reducing ocean wastewater pollution or a role in reducing this type of pollution. The tourism industry is an example of both, with their success depending on consumers having a positive and disease-free visit, as well as tourists themselves to wastewater pollution if their waste is not properly managed. The cruise and hotel industries are subsets of the tourism industry that must play a role in the solution, as both have a responsibility to manage the waste produced by their clientele while on board or staying at their establishments. Depending on the region, it may also be advisable to engage with tourism associations that work with different businesses and countries. Sanitation providers are also a key industry to engage, as they could potentially identify innovative ways to improve upon existing practices and technologies. Given the opportunities around fuel, water, and fertilizer recovery from wastewater, associated utilities and sectors are important to include. Engaging with local entrepreneurs may also provide an opportunity to create new business and value around waste management and treatment.